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Vision Sensors

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Banner IVUTGPR08 (3081940)

iVu Series Image Sensor, Red Ring Light, 8 mm Lens, PNP Output
$1,848.85 excl tax $1,756.41 excl tax

Sick CVS3-N122 (1028671)

Sick CVS3-N122 (1028671)
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Siemens MV220 Colour Mark & Object Sensor (6GF5110-0AA00-0AA0)

Vision sensor simatic mv220 color area sensor for inspection of colored objects view area: 40mm x 30mm up to 200mm x 150mm, resolution 640 x 480 pixel operation-, display unit and led-light integrated, digital inputs and outputs, protection mode ip65 operating instructions and templates inclusive.
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Siemens SIMATIC VS130 Large DMx Code Reader Kit - 2.5m cables (6GF1130-1BA)

Vision sensor vs130-2 complete package code reading, 70mm x 50mm, resolution: 640 x 480 pixels, sensor head ip65, led front lighting ip65, evaluation unit ip40 and sensor-, lighting cable 2.5m sv-, digital io-cable 10m incl. documentation package
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Sick VSPI-2F111 (1046732)

VSPI-2F111 Inspector I20 Flex 2D vision sensor with pattern match and pixel counting tools, 384x384 pixel sensor , white ring light and Ethernet configuration interface, 6mm lens customer exchangable, I/O extension and logical output
$1,442.69 excl tax $1,370.56 excl tax

Sick VSPP-5F2413 (1057303)

Sick VSPP-5F2413 (1057303)
$2,340.42 excl tax $2,223.40 excl tax

Datasensor SVS1-VSC (959941040)

Vision Sensor Configurator
$601.06 excl tax

Datasensor SVS2-06-DE-AOR (959951000)

6mm Lens Ethernet Advanced 360 Degree Object Recognition
$1,366.05 excl tax

Cognex IS2000C-120-40-125 (IS2000C-120-40-125)

In-Sight 2000-120C Color Vision Sensor
$1,681.84 excl tax

Cognex IS2000C-LAB-ACC (IS2000C-LAB-ACC)

In-Sight 2000 Color Vision Sensor Lab Accessories Kit
$708.73 excl tax