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Vision Sensors

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SICK VSPI-1R111 (1042779)

VSPI-1R111 Inspector I10 Standard 2D vision sensor with pattern match and pixel counting tools 384x384 pixel sensor white ring light and Ethernet configuration interface
$1,005.29 excl tax $955.02 excl tax

Sick VSPI-4F2411 (1054705)

Inspector I40 Flex IR
$1,905.73 excl tax $1,810.44 excl tax

Datasensor DataVS2-08-RE-PRO (959951230)

DataVS2-08-RE-PRO 8mm Lens Ethernet / RS232 Professional
$1,588.09 excl tax

Datasensor DataVS2-VSM (95A901480)

DataVS2-VSM Vision Sensor Monitor For DataVS2
$690.36 excl tax

Datasensor SVS1-08-DC-K (959941000)

8mm Lens Vision Sensor with VSC Configurator & SVS1-VSC Cable
$1,476.31 excl tax

Cognex IS2000C-130-DEMO (IS2000C-130-DEMO)

In-Sight 2000-130C Color Vision Sensor (demo unit)
$2,585.30 excl tax

Cognex IS2000C-LAB (IS2000C-LAB)

In-Sight 2000-130C Color Vision Sensor Lab Kit
$3,019.00 excl tax

Cognex IS2000M-120-40-125 (IS2000M-120-40-125)

In-Sight 2000-120 Vision Sensor
$1,684.11 excl tax

Cognex IS2000M-130-40-000 (IS2000M-130-40-000)

In-Sight 2000-130 Vision Sensor / No ring light or lens
$2,365.63 excl tax

Siemens SIMATIC VS130 Medium DMx Code Read Kit - 2.5m cables (6GF1130-2BA)

Vision sensor vs130-2 complete package code reading,40mm x 30mm, 640 x 480 pixels, consists of sensor head ip65, led front lighting ip65, evaluation unit ip40 and sensor-, lighting cable 2.5m sv-, digital io-cable 10m incl. documentation package
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