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Vision Sensors

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Sick CVS1-N112 (1026349)

Color Vsion Sensor CVS1-N112 With color display, NPN output, Working distance: 210...270mm, Field of view: 40x50...55x65mm x mm
Call for Pricing

Sick CVSL-S5 CVS-LIGHT (1026356)

Color Vision Light CVSL-S5 external light for CVS1, white, with Hirose connectors to CVS1
Call for Pricing

Sick VSPI-4F211 (1047913)

VSPI-4F211 Inspector I40 Flex 2D vision sensor with pattern match and inspection tools, 640x480 pixel sensor, white ring light, Ethernet configuration interface, I/O extension, logical output, image storing to FTP and EtherNet/IP
$1,841.60 excl tax $1,749.52 excl tax

Sick VSPI-4F2112S07 (1053871)

$2,418.65 excl tax $2,329.16 excl tax

Sick ICS100-B1111 (1025401)

Vision Sensor ICS100-B1111 4 switching outputs, internal illumination
Call for Pricing

Banner IVUTGPR16 (3081942)

iVu Series Image Sensor, Red Ring Light, 16 mm Lens, PNP Output
$1,933.84 excl tax

Cognex IS2000C-130-40-125 (IS2000C-130-40-125)

In-Sight 2000-130C Color Vision Sensor
$2,938.45 excl tax

Sick ICS111-B1211 (1026256)

Intelligent Camera Sensor ICS111-B1211 with rotating contour check Field of view 40mm x 40mm with integrated green illumination, with RS232 interface
Call for Pricing

Datasensor SVS1-08-DC-S (959941020)

8mm Lens Vision Sensor with VSC Connection
$941.98 excl tax

SICK VSPI-1D111 (1044038)

VSPI-1D111 Inspector I10 Dome 2D vision sensor with pattern match and pixel counting tools 384x384 pixel sensor white dome light and Ethernet configuration interface
$2,151.21 excl tax $2,043.65 excl tax