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Using Calibration Cards for consistent, accurate label inspection - with Applied Image

Friday, December 1, 2023

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Perceptor Inspection Technologies was pleased to be interviewed by Applied Image in November 2023 for their series of Valued Partner case studies. We tell the story of how demand for a reliable, efficient and effective label verification solution lead to the creation of a bespoke Conformance Calibration Test Card for Perceptor IoT by the industry-leading Applied Image team.

Article excerpt:

Why use a Conformance Calibration Standard Test Card

The bespoke Conformance Calibration Standard Test Card component, supplied by Applied Image, is integral to keeping Perceptor Inspection Technologies clients’ systems and processes going and ensuring they receive accurate information. This is crucial as the company’s end-users are in heavily regulated industries like healthcare, medical devices, and defense. The regulatory requirements are a powerful guardrail helping to ensure no product goes out with an inaccurate or duplicate label. If that happens, manufacturers can be subject to hefty fines. So, avoiding those penalties is a strong incentive to pursue flawless labeling. Achieving that degree of accuracy relies on the availability of a calibration card with exceptional precision, as supplied by Applied Image. Perceptor’s customers can utilize this calibration card and be confident that their equipment is functioning properly.

Read the full case study.


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