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System Solutions

The system solutions available include measuring solutions and vision systems, to assist applications in measurement and vision including people counters, track and trace software among many others. See our full range by clicking on the links below.

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Sick VMD520-2000 (1041724)

$6,515.25 excl tax $6,274.18 excl tax

Sick VMS410-1000 (1025985)

VMS410-1000 Volume Measurement System for the measurement of cubical objects consisting of: 1 x VMD410-1000 Volume Measurement Device 1 x Bracket for Item-mounting 1 x Configuration and diagnosis software SOPAS
$5,981.61 excl tax $5,682.53 excl tax

Sick LD PECO 5,5 (1023382)

LD PECO 5,5 People Counter Connection Module RS 422
$9,421.03 excl tax

Sick LMS 210/220 (2018304)

Additional bracket for mounting of the LMS on a round pole
$65.23 excl tax $62.82 excl tax

Sick LMS123-10000 (1044321)

$3,617.97 excl tax $3,484.10 excl tax

Sick LMS211-30206 (1019498)

$5,091.12 excl tax

Sick LMS221-S26 (1044296)

LMS221-S26 Laser Measurement System, Outdoor Version, with fog correction, high range und 180 degree scanning angle, IP 67 (grey colour) with additional integrated Ethernet modul
Call for Pricing

Sick LMS291-S15 (1026226)

Call for Pricing

Banner PPROCTLBCR (3076115)

PresencePLUS ProII Color Controller w/BCR; Stored Inspections:999; I/O:6 configurable-NPN/PNP Function Timing; Requires Camera PPROCAM & 1 PPC_ _ cordset
$3,803.48 excl tax

Cognex In-Sight 5403 Hi-Res Sensor w/o PatMax® (IS5403-01)

Cognex In-Sight 5403 Hi-Res Sensor w/o PatMax® (IS5403-01)
$10,578.44 excl tax