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System Solutions

The system solutions available include measuring solutions and vision systems, to assist applications in measurement and vision including people counters, track and trace software among many others. See our full range by clicking on the links below.

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Cognex In-Sight 5100 Color Sensor w/o Patmax (IS5100-C01)

Cognex In-Sight 5100 Color Sensor w/o Patmax (IS5100-C01)
$6,880.47 excl tax

Sick LD-MRS400001 (1045046)

LD MRS 400001 Scaning angle: up to 110° Measurement layers: 4; 3.2° Horizontal measurement area Range: 50 m at 10% reflectivity Angular resolution: 0.125° / 0.25° / 0.5° Scanning frequency: 12.5 Hz / 25 Hz / 50 Hz Interface: RS 232 / Ethernet Enclosure ra
$8,977.74 excl tax $8,645.56 excl tax

Sick S10B-9011BA (1042266)

S100 Laser scanner Standard S10B-9011BA
$2,841.77 excl tax $2,736.63 excl tax

Banner PPROCAM1.3SW-P (3077055)

PresencePLUS Pro IP68 High Resolution Camera; LEDWR90S-P Sealed Ring Light Visible White; with Plastic Window; Requires Cable PKG3M-xx
$4,366.87 excl tax

Banner PPROCTL1.3BCR (3077258)

PresencePLUS Pro 1.3 Controller w/BCR; Stored Inspections:999; I/O:6 configurable-NPN/PNP Function Timing; Requires Camera PPROCAM1.3 & 1 PPC_ _ cordset
$4,976.04 excl tax

Sick VMS I/O CARD (6021045)

Digital I/O Card with software
$614.18 excl tax $591.46 excl tax

Sick VMS .DISPLAY (6035088)

VSD3-RDT-R for VMS4xx/5xx
$1,129.18 excl tax $1,072.72 excl tax

Sick LD-OEM3100 (1029036)

Sick LD-OEM3100 (1029036)
$10,070.60 excl tax

Sick LMC121-11001 VdS (1051314)

Sick LMC121-11001 VdS (1051314)
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Sick LMPLRS-01 (1046579)

Sick LMPLRS-01 (1046579)
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