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Sick MM12-60ANO-ZU0 (1016927)

Product Summary

Magnetic proximity sensor MM12-60ANO-ZU0 Sn 60mm, axial, 2m cable DC 3-wire, NPN, NC
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1016927
VS ID: 147917
Weight(kg): 0.0631

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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

$70.39 excl tax
$66.87 excl tax
  • Detection of magnets
  • Operating distances up to 90 mm or more based on the magnet strength
  • High switching frequency
  • Short-circuit, reverse polarity and power-up pulse suppression protection
  • Robust nickel-plated brass housing with fine thread M12 x 1 mm
  • IP 67 enclosure rating
  • Cylindrical design
  • PNP or NPN output
  • Your benefits

  • Non-contact operation eliminates interference from dirt, dust and vibrations, increasing sensor life and reducing maintenance costs
  • Space-saving installation due to small design
  • Large operating distances with reliable switching increase throughput
  • Non-contact, universal detection through several substances, including plastic containers and pipes protective PTFE walls and non-magnetic metal walls

Thread size:M12 x 1
Sensing range Sn:60 mm 1)
Assured sensing range Sa:48.6 mm
Magnetic sensitivity:1 mT
Switching frequency:5,000 Hz
Switching output:NPN
Output function:NC
Electrical wiring:DC 3-wire
Enclosure rating:IP 67 2)
Magnetic alignment:Axial
Connection type:Cable, 3-wire, 2 m 3)
1) Sensing range based on installation in non-magnetic material using Magnet MAG-3010-B (M4.0)  2) According to EN 60529  3) Do not bend below 0 °C  
Housing length:50 mm
Supply voltage:10 V DC ... 30 V DC
Ripple:≤ 10 % 1)
Power consumption:≤ 10 mA 2)
Voltage drop:≤ 1.5 V 3)
Output current Ia:≤ 300 mA
Hysteresis:1 % ... 10 %
Repeatability:≤ 1 % 4)
Temperature drift (of Sr):± 10 %
EMC:According to EN 60947-5-2
Tightening torque, max.:7 Nm
Reverse polarity protection:
Short-circuit protection 5):
Housing material:Metal, Nickel-plated brass
Power-up pulse protection:
Time delay before availability:≤ 2 ms
Ambient operating temperature:-25 °C ... 75 °C
Shock/vibration:30 g, 11 ms / 10 ... 55 Hz, 1 mm
Cable material:PUR/PVC
Wire-break protection:1
Items supplied:Fastening nuts (2 x)
1) Of VS  2) Without load  3) At Ia max  4) Von Sr (VS und Ta constant)  5) Pulsed  
Products specifications
Proximity Sensor Type Magnetic
Manufacturer category Sick MM12
Manufacturer Sick