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Sick AT20E-NM331 (1046459)

Product Summary

Sick AT20E-NM331 (1046459)
Manufacturer: Sick
Manufacturer part number: 1046459
VS ID: 187203
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  • Detect position of edge of material
  • Reflector mode version also available
  • Compact, metal housing
  • Reproducibility of 0.03 mm
  • Sensing distance 25 mm or 100 mm
  • Measurement range up to 30 mm
  • Analog output 4 mA ... 20 mA
  • Your benefits

  • Cost-effective solution to reliably determine edge position
  • Easy-to-integrate, compact housing can be mounted over the web so less downtime is required for maintenance
  • No reflector is required, reducing maintenance and providing greater product reliability. Reduces downtime. Only array sensors available in diffuse mode, making them ideal for environments where dirt and dust can interfere with other types of solutions that require a reflector.
  • High reproducibility of 0.03 mm and industry-leading resolution enable greater accuracy and quality control
  • Highly visible white LED light spot ensures fast and accurate alignment, reducing time-consuming fine adjustment
  • No teach, program or menu activities make setup virtually hassle free

Dimensions (L x W x H):54.1 mm x 24.3 mm x 59.8 mm
Functional principle:Edge detection, proximity and reflector
Sensing distance:100 mm
Operating range:90 mm 110 mm
Measurement range:30 mm
MDO 1):1.6 mm
Light source 2):LED, white
Light spot size:50 mm x 10 mm
Repeatability 3):0.05 mm
Linearity 4):± 2 %
1) Minimum detectable object  2) Wave length: 400 nm ... 700 nm  3) With respect to sensing distance  4) Analog current range (16 mA)  
Supply voltage Vs 1):DC 24 V, ± 20 %
Ripple 2):≤ 5 V
Power consumption 3):< 3.1 W
Output type:NPN: HIGH = approx. VS / LOW ≤ 2 V
Switching mode 4):Q (NPN)
Analog output QA:4 mA ... 20 mA
Resolution analog output:12 bit
Output rate of analog output:1 ms
Output current Imax.:< 100 mA
Initialization time 5):0.48 s
Connection type:Connector M12, 5-pin
Protection class:III
Circuit protection:VS connections reverse-polarity protected
Output Q short-circuit protected
Interference suppression
Enclosure rating:IP 67
Weight:Ca. 135 g
Housing material:Metal
1) Operation in short-circuit protected network max. 8 A  2) May not exceed or fall short of VS tolerances  3) Without load  4) Active when object detected  5) Typ. max. 1.6 s  
Ambient data
Ambient temperature:Operation: -10 ... 55 °C, Storage: -25 ... 75 °C
Shock load:According to IEC 60068
UL File-No.:UL No. NRKH.E181493 & cUL No. NRKH7.E181493
Products specifications
Manufacturer category Sick AX20
Manufacturer Sick