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We have a huge range of sensors for a variety of applications including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors and level sensors. See the products below from a range of leading European manufacturers.

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Sick WS/WE36-S04 (1016028)

Transmitted Beam Photoelectric Switch WS/WE36-R230S04 Set with WS/WE36-R230 and two mounting brackets 2005806
$616.17 excl tax $585.36 excl tax

Sick WL36-B430S10 (1010675)

Reflex Photoelectric Switch WL36-B430S10
$398.76 excl tax $378.82 excl tax

Sick WL36-R630E01 (1013724)

Reflex Photoelectric Switch WL36-R630E01 UC 24-240V Dunkelschaltend
$357.13 excl tax $339.28 excl tax

Sick WL36-R230S20 (1016778)

Reflex Photoelectric Switch WL36-R230S20 "Package" including reflector PL80A
Call for Pricing

Sick WL36-B230S21 (1016879)

Reflex Photoelectric Switch WL36-B230S21 "package" including mounting bracket (2005806) and reflector pl80A (1003865)
$391.77 excl tax $372.18 excl tax

SICK WT36-R210 (1010110-CLEARANCE)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT36-R210
$558.69 excl tax