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We have a huge range of sensors for a variety of applications including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors and level sensors. See the products below from a range of leading European manufacturers.

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Sick LUT1-410 (1005935)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-410 lens No.131 (1001681)
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Sick LUT1-420 (1005936)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-420 lens No.132 (1001682)
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Sick LUT1-430 (1005937)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-430 lens No.133 (1001683)
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Sick LUT1-440 (1005938)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-440 lens No.134 (1001684)
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Sick LUT1-450 (1005939)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-450 lens No.135 (1001685)
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Sick LUT1-470 (1005941)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-470 lens No.137 (1004603)
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Sick LUT1-431 (1006473)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-431 lens No.133 (1001683) filter OG 570 (4005810)
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Sick LUT1-400 (1007626)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-400 without lens + filter
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Sick LUT1-400S01 (1008846)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-400S01 without lens without mounting bracket, with cable-receptacle (2007901)
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Sick LUT1-430S02 (1017989)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-430S02 lens No.133 (1001683) filter OG515
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