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We have a huge range of sensors for a variety of applications including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors and level sensors. See the products below from a range of leading European manufacturers.

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Sick MQ10-60APS-KTO (7900280)

Magnetic proximity sensor MQ10-60APS-KTO Sn 60mm, axial, connector M8 DC 3-wire, PNP, NO
$70.15 excl tax $66.65 excl tax

Sick DL60-P112BS01 (1028725)

Distance Sensor DL60-P112BS01 External Teach via MF: only Q/
$853.66 excl tax $822.08 excl tax

Sick DL 2449-660-12/24 (7100636)

DL 2449-660-12/24 On Axis Light (DOAL's)
$757.62 excl tax $729.96 excl tax

Sick DL50-N2225S01 (1048420)

$1,334.86 excl tax $1,285.47 excl tax

Sick LUT1-540 (1005934)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-540 lens No.134 (1001684)
Call for Pricing

Sick LUT1-500 (1007597)

Luminescense Scanner LUT1-500 without lens + without filter
Call for Pricing

Sick LUT3-851 (1012870)

Luminescense Scanner LUT3-851 NPN,PNP switching output, scanning distance 50 mm off-delay, analogue output plug M 12, 5pin filter og570
$1,565.48 excl tax $1,507.56 excl tax

SICK WT11-N430 (1018685)

NPN, Q+Q, equipment plug M12, 4-pin
Call for Pricing

SICK WT34-B420 (1019230)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT34-B420, PNP/NPN, Light/Dark switching selector, Plug M12, 4pin.Test input, time delay
$252.32 excl tax $239.71 excl tax

SICK WT34-V540 (1019238)

Photoelectric Proximity Switch WT34-V540, PNP/NPN, light/dark switching selector, plug M12, 5 pin, Test input, Alarm
$249.79 excl tax $237.30 excl tax