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We have a huge range of sensors for a variety of applications including photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors and level sensors. See the products below from a range of leading European manufacturers.

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Sick IM08-1B5PO-ZWB (6021741)

Inductive proximity sensor IM08-1B5PO-ZW1 Sn 1.5mm, shielded, 5m cable DC 3-wire, PNP, NC
$48.54 excl tax $46.11 excl tax

Sick IM18-05BUS-ZUX (6022193)

Inductive proximity sensor IM18-05BUS-ZUX, SN 5mm, shielded, 2m cable AD/DC 2-wire, NO, connectable in series
$79.70 excl tax $75.72 excl tax

Sick IM12-02BNO-ZWA (6026415)

Inductive proximity ssensor IM12-02BNO-ZWA Sn 2mm, flush, 3m cable DC 3-wire, NPN, NC
Call for Pricing

Sick IM12-10NPS-NC1 (6027575)

IM12-10NPS-NC1 Inductive proximity sensor INOX Sn 10mm, non flush, connector M12 DC 3-wire, PNP, NO
$126.40 excl tax $120.08 excl tax

Sick IM18-08BPP-ZC1 (6032653)

IM18-08BPP-ZC1 Inductive proximity sensor Sn 8mm, flush, connector M12 DC 4-wire, PNP, antivalent output function
$87.08 excl tax $82.73 excl tax

Sick IME18-05BPSZC0SF38 (1050866)

$43.68 excl tax $41.50 excl tax

Sick IME30-15NNSZW2KF38 (1050873)

$61.79 excl tax $58.70 excl tax

Sick IME18-08BPOZW3K (1054086)

Inductive Sensor.
$39.66 excl tax $37.68 excl tax

Sick IME12-02BNSZW2KS15 (1045050)

Sick IME12-02BNSZW2KS15 (1045050)
Call for Pricing

Sick IME08-04NPSZT0KS07 (1047752)

Sick IME08-04NPSZT0KS07 (1047752)
Call for Pricing