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Sick RFH620-1000001 (1044838)

RFH620-1000001 RFID Proximity Interrogator, Standard Version, Short Range, Read Range: max. 160 mm, Transmitting Power: 200 mW, Interfaces: RS-232, RS-422/485, CAN, 2/2 digital I/Os, IP 67, Temperature Range: -25°C...60°C, Supply Voltage: 10...30 V DC
$899.67 excl tax $854.69 excl tax

Sick RFA341-1400S01 (1041187)

RFA341-1400S01 Antenna, 13,56MHz, long range, G1, IP65, -20...70°C 100 x 40cm
Call for Pricing

Sick RFT321-5313 (6033781)

RFT321-5313 ISO/IEC 15693 Transponder Coin, d=50mm I-Code SL2
$5.37 excl tax $5.11 excl tax

Sick RFT661-4654 (6034437)

RFT661-4654 UHF HARD TAG METALL EPC Memory up to 240 bit; EPC memory content coded as unique number as default, extended memory 512 bit
Call for Pricing

Sick RFI341-1503S02 (1044537)

Interrogator RFI341-1503S02 13,56MHz Vriant with M12-connectivity for in/out/power/ RS232
$4,244.59 excl tax $4,032.36 excl tax

Sick RFI641-0422 (6034315)

Interrogator RFI641-0422 860-960 MHz, long range, G1
$4,667.91 excl tax $4,434.52 excl tax

Sick RFA321-1701S01 (1043846)

RFA321-1701S01 Antenna 13,56MHz, mid range, G1, IP67, 0..50°C 0,30m cable
$723.87 excl tax $687.68 excl tax

Sick RFT321-5315 (6034740)

RFT321-5315 ISO/IEC 15693 Transponder Coin, d=30mm I-Code SLI, 13,56MHz
$4.88 excl tax $4.64 excl tax

Sick RFT341-4322 (6033173)

RFT321-4322 13,56MHZ/ISO15693 TAG ISO Coin Transponder (encapsulated transponder 2k bit)
$3.72 excl tax $3.53 excl tax

Sick TAG HIGH TEMP (CER (6041594)

RFID High Temperature Transponder, 13,56 MHz, -40°C...+200°C, NXP ICODE SLI, ISO 15693
$101.96 excl tax $132.55 excl tax