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Banner QM42VT1 (3094597)

Product Summary

Sure Cross® Vibration and Temperature Sensor
Manufacturer: Banner
Manufacturer part number: 3094597
VS ID: 207899
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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

$179.32 excl tax


Single wire version Vibration Sensor and 3m cable

The Sure Cross Vibration and Temperature Sensor works in a variety of machines to identify and predict failures in rotating machinery.

•Detects dual-axis vibration

• Provides high accuracy vibration and temperature measurements

• Manufactured with a robust zinc alloy housing

• Connects via a 1-wire serial interface

• Designed to work with FlexPower 1-Wire Serial Interface Node models DX80N9X1SP6 and DX80N2X1S-P6, the 10 to 30 V dc powered 1-Wire Serial Interface Node models DX80N9X6S-P6 and DX80N2X6S-P6, MultiHop M-H6 and M-H6L radios, and Wireless Q45 Sensor Nodes DX80N2Q45VT and DX80N9Q45VT

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