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Our top 5 goals for 2016

Thursday, May 12, 2016

You’ll probably agree that the site looks better than over a year ago, but we now want to ensure that it works better for you in 2016.  You have a great choice of over 55,000 products from leading manufacturers so we want to ensure that you can find the product that meets your needs quickly, with all the related information you need, from the manufacturer you want, with some personalised suggestions and with our help if you need it.

We’ve therefore compiled our top 5 goals to ensure that provides the best possible service to you in 2016.

1)      To offer a full product range

Our 30+ suppliers have a vast range of products, from sensors to software, so we want to ensure that you have access to their full product range on our website, including related and complimentary products. For every product we are working hard to ensure that all related accessories are available, making it easier for you to find complimentary items, like connecting cables, connectors and plugs, sometimes essential to your project.

We will also be introducing new products from an LED lighting solutions supplier, a well-known, state-of-the-art optics manufacturer and an exciting range of handheld scanners from Code Corporation.


2)      More product information

Ok, you found the product on that you want, but do you have enough information to make a decision?  We are filling the gaps to ensure that every product you view online has a complete set of information including a photo (more than one where possible), price, features and supporting information including product data sheets.

We also want to offer more information about each product’s features and attributes. The more product attributes available, the more data you can filter in your search results to find the most suitable product.  Of course you can already filter data by manufacturer and other relevant information, for example sensor shape, size and type.

On the occasion that a part becomes ‘end of life’ we will ensure that replacement items are suggested where applicable.  We also want to add a list of end of life parts to the home page so you can quickly see when a product has been, or is going to be, discontinued.


3)      Search by manufacturer

Who are the manufacturers of the products we sell?  You’ll be able to read a bit more about them as well as being able to search for products by their manufacturer directly from the home page.


4)      More ways to interact with us

We know it’s not always easy buying parts, so we are here to assist you; you can contact us online via our Live Chat online facility, where you can ask questions in UK working hours, as well as on Skype (vision-supplies), telephone and email.  We are now on Twitter and LinkedIn, so you can follow us, tweet us, or send messages to speak to us or hear our latest updates.


5)      Personalise your online shopping experience

Your experience on our website will become more personal to you because we want to present you with your last viewed items and other products you might be interested in to help you make product selections. These features are coming soon!


You will see these resolutions materialise on the website in the coming months.  Our aim is to make your online shopping easier and more personal to you, so all of your automation needs are catered for in one place!

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