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Machine Safety

Machine safety is critical to the deployment of a machine vision system. We stock a range of products to enable you to employ the safest environment in your application.

Our range of machine safety products include control modules, safety barriers, safety camera systems, safety laser scanners, safety switches and touch buttons from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

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SICK REF-7610-K (4018617)

Reflex foil no. 7610 maximum blank cut: 457 cm length x 61 cm width
$0.05 excl tax

SICK REF-3290-K (4018696)

Reflective tape REF-3290-K maximum blank cut: 457 cm length x 91,4 cm width
$0.05 excl tax

SICK REF-DG-K (4019634)

Reflective tape Diamond Grade, self-adhesive maximum blank cut: 91,4 cm length x 74,9 cm width Customizable length by sheet. Width max 74.9 cm, length max 31.4 cm
Call for Pricing

SICK REF-7610-0K4 (5600079)

Reflective tape 7610 HIGH GAIN 610 * 4570
$217.98 excl tax

SICK REF-5870-3K0 (5600292)

Reflective tape 5870SCOT 76 * 45700
Call for Pricing

Sick REF-PLUS-R100 (5319915)

$1,016.70 excl tax

Sick REF-PLUS-R25 (4051184)

REF-PLUS-R25-K Reflective tape 2280 cm length x 2,5 cm width
$18.67 excl tax

Sick REF-PLUS-R50 REF (5319981)

REF-PLUS-R50 REflex TApe for licht switches on a roll, 50mm, self adhesive, width 25mm, length 22,8m
$473.93 excl tax

Sick REF-PLUS-R50 ROLL (4051185)

REF-PLUS-R50-K Reflective tape 50 mm width maximum blank cut: 2280 cm lenth x 5 cm width
$37.09 excl tax

Sick REF-PLUS-RED-2550 (5320285)

REF-PLUS-RED-2550 Reflective tape, red, 25 x 50 mm, self adhesive, Packing unit with 100 pieces
$142.16 excl tax