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Lighting & Illumination

Lighting and illumination is a key part of the machine vision application, enabling the camera to produce legible images of the inspection subject.

Our range of lighting and illumination products include backlights, illuminators and large area lighting among many other specialist lighting solutions.

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Siemens R-100-2 V2, Red (RVA 0106070XX R)

R-100-2 V2, 72 Red+ LEDs
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Siemens R-70-1 V2, Red, Focused (RVA 0106058XX RF)

R-70-1 V2, 24 Red+ LEDs, Focused
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Siemens R-70-2 V2, White (RVA 0106048XX W)

R-70-2 V2, 48 White LEDs
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Siemens S-40 (RVA 010650304)

S-40, R LED-ND, 24V-S, 6' (2M) Cable w/DB9
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Siemens SCDI-50 V2 (RVA 010304014)

SCDI-50 V2, W LED-D, 24V-C, 15' (4.5M) Cbl w/Flying Leads
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Siemens SCDI-75 (RVA 010302000)

SCDI-75, R LED-D, 12V-C, 18" (45cm) Cbl w/DB9
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Microscan Smart Doal -100 (NER-011660710G)

Smart Series DOAL 100MM, White
$2,317.46 excl tax