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Lighting & Illumination

Lighting and illumination is a key part of the machine vision application, enabling the camera to produce legible images of the inspection subject.

Our range of lighting and illumination products include backlights, illuminators and large area lighting among many other specialist lighting solutions.

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Banner LEDR140 (3056521)

PresencePLUS: Light Source - Visible Red LED; Supply Voltage: Powered off of PresencePLUS Senso; Useful Life: Output will be 70-80 after 10 000; and 60-70 after 20 000 hours
€491.68 excl tax €442.51 excl tax

Banner LEDRPFK (3058353)

PresencePLUS: Polarizing Filter Kit
€91.03 excl tax €81.93 excl tax

Banner LEDRD150N (3065618)

Special - 150 mm dia. Dome Light; Visible Red LED 12V dc - highly diffused; Requires PSA-12
€1,888.10 excl tax €1,699.29 excl tax

Banner LEDRA80X80M (3072268)

PresencePLUS 80 X 80 mm Area Light; Visible Red LED 24V dc ; 2 m (6.5 ft) cable with 3 pin male connector; Connects to P4
€600.78 excl tax €540.70 excl tax

Banner LEDAPFKS (3074110)

Area Light & Backlight Polarizing Filter Kit; for use with LED_62X62_
€68.66 excl tax €61.79 excl tax

Banner LEDRLA290AP5-XQ (3080572)

Vision Light-290 mm Linear Array IP68 ; 12 High Intensity Red LEDs - 24Vdc; Clear Plastic Window; Requires Cable MQDC20-xxx
€1,581.68 excl tax €1,423.51 excl tax

DCM Sistemes PLD0602B-880S (PLD0602B-880S)

Direct bar light 64X16 mm. IR 880 nm Strobe
€283.55 excl tax

DCM Sistemes PLD1302B-470C (PLD1302B-470C)

Direct bar light 128X16 mm. Blue Continuous
€434.13 excl tax

DCM Sistemes PLD1302B-W00S (PLD1302B-W00S)

Direct bar light 128X16 mm. White Strobe
€414.39 excl tax

DCM Sistemes PLD1802A-630C (PLD1802A-630C)

Direct bar light 180X16 mm. Red Continuous
€457.47 excl tax