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IO Modules

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Banner MAC16P-1 (3057368)

MINI-ARRAY: Controller w/16-discrete PNP Outputs; Input: 16-30V dc; Outputs 1-16: Discrete Solid-state PNP output; Serial Data Output: RS-232
$1,054.19 excl tax

Banner MAHCVP-1 (3061331)

High-Res MINI-ARRAY: Controller w/PNP Outputs; Input: 16-30V dc; Output: Discrete: 2 PNP; Analog:2 0-10Vdc sourcing; Serial Data Output: RS-232 and RS-485
$1,094.17 excl tax

Banner MAHE13A (3062651)

High-Res. MINI-ARRAY Emitter: 325mm (12.8 in.); Beam Spacing: 2.5mm (0.1 in.); Total Beams = 128; System Range (w/matching receiver) = 0.4 to 1.8m; System Requires 2 Quick-Disconnect Cables
$2,717.73 excl tax

Sick FILTER, FCC (6037324)

Call for Pricing

Sick MULTIPLEXER,FCC (6037325)

Call for Pricing

Banner USDINT-2L4 (55599)

MICRO-SCREEN DIN Control Module; Blanking: Fixed and 1- or 2-beam floating; Supply Voltage: 24V dc; Output Type: Latch with 4 outputs
Call for Pricing

SICK ASI-M32320 (6022377)

AS-i/Profibus DP Double-Gateway ASI-M32320, V2.1, IP20
Call for Pricing

SICK ASI-FKE-A (6022397)

AS-i module Lower-part ASI-FKE-A 1xEMS, 1xE-EMS interface, addressing plug
$15.44 excl tax

SICK ASI-LTGD-MW (6022462)

ASI-LTGD-MW AS-i flat cable, EPDM, yellow 2 x 1,5 mm2
$1.40 excl tax

SICK ASI-CT210 (6022501)

AS-i control tools, ASI-CT210 Software for commissioning of the AS-Interface
$264.39 excl tax