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In all machine vision applications, identification is a critical part of the inspection process, ensuring that the subject is correctly verified to determine the end result.

Identification products gather data in real-time for monitoring and controlling an application, therefore helping to reduce costs, increase yields, improve product quality, and comply with industry regulations.

Our range of identification products include scanners, readers and verifiers from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

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SICK IT4600GSF051CE (6028637)

2D-Imager IT4600GSF051CE, omnidirectional reading, with integrated dekocer, for USB, keyboard wedge, RS 232 TTL, wand emulation (old name: IT4600SF051C)
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Sick IT4820SR0C1CBE-0G00 S01 kit (6033409)

Kit IT4820SR0C1CBE-0G00 S01 inkl. Funkscanner IT4820SR0C1 Basisstation 2020-5 und Systemhandbuch 4820/SM, Scanner sowie Basis mit DHL Sonderfirmware ausgestattet!
$1,741.27 excl tax $1,654.20 excl tax

Code CR3512G-HX-B2-RX-CX-F1 (CR3512G-HX-B2-RX-CX-F1)

CR3500, Battery
$722.14 excl tax $649.93 excl tax

Code CR8011-L00-MT2-D1-C800-F1 (CR8011-L00-MT2-D1-C800-F1)

CR8000, USB, Standard Focus, Bracket, Standard Flex, Ribbon Cable
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Code CR8012-L01-MT2-D1-C800-F1 (CR8012-L01-MT2-D1-C800-F1)

CR8000, RS232, Standard Focus, Bracket, Standard Flex, Ribbon Cable
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Opticon OPR-3201-USB (11795+3)

OPR-3201-USB Scanner / Cream / Laser / Pistol Grip / Corded USB Interface / USB Straight Cable (incl Hands-Free Stand) [with 5 Year Warranty]
$152.59 excl tax $90.65 excl tax

Opticon OPR-3101 (BLAZORKIT-B)

OPR-3101 Blazor Rugged Cordless Scanner USB Kit / Black / Bluetooth / Pistol Grip / Base Station (USB HID) (incl USB Cable / PSU [UK])
$696.84 excl tax $661.99 excl tax

HS-41X 2D DPM Handheld Reader, RS232, 8 ft. Coiled Cable (PSU sold separately) (FIS-HS41X-0005G)

The HS-41X is a compact handheld imager for decoding low contrast 2D symbols on substrates such as sheet metals, castings, plastics, and electronic components. Its dual field optics are optimized to read both linear barcodes and 2D symbols, including challenging marks such as those created by direct part mark (DPM) methods such as dot peen and laser/chemical etch. The HS-41X is an ideal portable reading solution for any industrial barcode or 2D application, even with difficult low contrast codes.
$1,002.46 excl tax

Sick CLV640-2120 (1042019)

$2,809.49 excl tax $2,669.01 excl tax

Sick CLV651-6000 (1046559)

$4,531.08 excl tax $4,304.53 excl tax