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In all machine vision applications, identification is a critical part of the inspection process, ensuring that the subject is correctly verified to determine the end result.

Identification products gather data in real-time for monitoring and controlling an application, therefore helping to reduce costs, increase yields, improve product quality, and comply with industry regulations.

Our range of identification products include scanners, readers and verifiers from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

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Sick RFT321-5313 (6033781)

RFT321-5313 ISO/IEC 15693 Transponder Coin, d=50mm I-Code SL2
$5.40 excl tax $5.13 excl tax

Sick RFT321-5315 (6034740)

RFT321-5315 ISO/IEC 15693 Transponder Coin, d=30mm I-Code SLI, 13,56MHz
$4.91 excl tax $4.66 excl tax

Sick RFT331-1310 (6031039)

RFT331-1310 13,56MHZ/ISO15693 TAG ISO Card Transponder
Call for Pricing

Sick RFT341-4322 (6033173)

RFT321-4322 13,56MHZ/ISO15693 TAG ISO Coin Transponder (encapsulated transponder 2k bit)
$3.74 excl tax $3.55 excl tax

Sick RFT661-4654 (6034437)

RFT661-4654 UHF HARD TAG METALL EPC Memory up to 240 bit; EPC memory content coded as unique number as default, extended memory 512 bit
Call for Pricing

Sick RFT661-5653 (6034277)

$9.65 excl tax $9.17 excl tax

Sick TAG HIGH TEMP (CER (6041594)

RFID High Temperature Transponder, 13,56 MHz, -40°C...+200°C, NXP ICODE SLI, ISO 15693
$102.54 excl tax $133.30 excl tax

Sick TAG,FERR. PA66 25, (6039051)

RFID Transponder, 13,56 MHz, on-Metal, IP68, -25°C...+130°C, NXP ICODE SLI, ISO 15693
$13.19 excl tax $12.53 excl tax