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In all machine vision applications, identification is a critical part of the inspection process, ensuring that the subject is correctly verified to determine the end result.

Identification products gather data in real-time for monitoring and controlling an application, therefore helping to reduce costs, increase yields, improve product quality, and comply with industry regulations.

Our range of identification products include scanners, readers and verifiers from the biggest manufacturers in Europe.

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Code CR2012G-HX-B2-RX-C1-F1 (CR2012G-HX-B2-RX-C1-F1)

CR2, Battery, Coiled RS232 Cable
$531.85 excl tax $478.66 excl tax

Code CR2512G-BH1-R0-CX-F1 (CR2512G-BH1-R0-CX-F1)

CR2500,1950mA-hr Battery Handle, Wireless
$695.55 excl tax $626.00 excl tax

Code CR2512G-HX-B2-R0-CX-F1 (CR2512G-HX-B2-R0-CX-F1)

CR2500, Battery, Wireless
$659.82 excl tax $593.84 excl tax

Code CR2AG-A12 (CR2AG-A12)

Battery Handle Charger w/ US Power Supply
$61.38 excl tax $55.25 excl tax

Code CR2AG-A42 (CR2AG-A42)

UMC, Weighted Base, US Power Supply
Call for Pricing

Microscan Demo Kit MS-890 (98-000090-03)

Demo Kit, MS-890
$644.72 excl tax

Sick TAG HIGH TEMP (CER (6041594)

RFID High Temperature Transponder, 13,56 MHz, -40°C...+200°C, NXP ICODE SLI, ISO 15693
$102.54 excl tax $133.30 excl tax

Datasensor Powerscan D8530 (PD8530)

Standard 2D
Call for Pricing

Sick CLV622-3121 (1043068)

Code reader CLV622-3120, raster scanner lateral emission short-range Host interface RS 232 + RS 422/RS 485, CAN + ethernet plug device with 2 x M12-plug/female connector Operating voltage: DC 10 ... 30 V plastic window
$1,841.16 excl tax $1,749.10 excl tax

Sick CLV642-0120 (1044874)

Codeleser CLV642-0120, Line Version, straight light emission high density Host interface RS 232 + RS 422/485, CAN + Ethernet connector set with 2 x M12-plug/female Operating voltage: 18 ... 30 V DC
$2,809.49 excl tax $2,669.01 excl tax