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Banner DX80N2Q45VT (3088439)

Product Summary

Sure Cross® Wireless Q45 Sensor Node - Vibration/Temperature
Manufacturer: Banner
Manufacturer part number: 3088439
VS ID: 207902
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Pricing - Condition Manufacturer New

$297.99 excl tax


DX80 Star 2.4 GHz Wireless Q45 Sensor Temp Vibration Single Wire

Sure Cross® Wireless Q45 Sensors combine the best of Banner’s flexible Q45 sensor family with its reliable, field-proven, Sure Cross wireless architecture to solve new classes of applications limited only by the user’s imagination. Containing a variety of sensor models, a radio, and internal battery supply, this product line is truly plug and play. The Sure Cross Vibration and Temperature Sensor works on a variety of machines to provide vibration and temperature measurements to effectively monitor and predict when maintenance of critical equipment is required. The Wireless Q45 Vibration and Temperature Sensor Node:

• Provides high accuracy vibration and temperature measurements • Achieves vibration accuracy of ± 10% RMS velocity (in/sec) and temperature accuracy of ± 3 °C

• Houses the sensor element in a robust zinc alloy case

• Includes a red/amber LED that provides local visual indication of a change in machine conditions, similar to a "check engine" light Available Models • DX80N2Q45VT - Must be paired with QM42VT1 Vibration and Temperature Sensor (sold separately)

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