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Displacement Sensors

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Sick OD50-10N142 (6020636)

Displacement-Sensor OD50-10N142 Scanning distance 50+ -10mm, laser
$1,135.12 excl tax $1,093.12 excl tax

Banner QS18VP6FF100Q8-74211 (74211)

$238.06 excl tax $226.16 excl tax

Banner QS186E (3061618)

Emitter; Range: 20 m; Input: 10-30V dc; Output: Not applicable - No outputs; 2 m (6.5 ft) Cable
$65.92 excl tax

Sick AODG-N1 (6030979)

AODG-N1 OD Max Transparent amplifier unit NPN
$1,073.44 excl tax $1,033.72 excl tax

Sick DS30-N1241 (1042181)

Distance Sensor DS30-N1241 2m scanning distance, infrared, 1 switching output NPN
$366.13 excl tax $352.58 excl tax

Sick DMT10-2-1113 (1027605)

Distance measuring device DMT10-2-1113 for high temperatures
$12,517.77 excl tax $12,054.62 excl tax

Sick DMT10-1111 (6022351)

Sick DMT10-1111 (6022351)
Call for Pricing

Sick DMP3-B1211 (1042919)

Sick DMP3-B1211 (1042919)
Call for Pricing

Festo SMH-S1-HGPP16 (189041)

Position sensor With Hall effect, for proximity sensing with mini grippers. Can only be operated in combination with the SMH-AE1 electronic evaluation unit.
$125.29 excl tax $120.65 excl tax

Banner Q50BIQ (3063866)

Q50 Series: LED-based Triangulation Measurement; Infrared LED Range: 100-400mm; Input: 15 to 30V dc; Output: 4 to 20 mA; Response: 4 / 64 ms Selectable; Quick Disconnect Connector
$588.28 excl tax