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Displacement Sensors

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Sick UC12-12235 (6029834)

Ultrasonic Sensor UC12-12235 55...350mm, NPN
$301.02 excl tax $289.88 excl tax

Sick DSL-BJ08-G0M2XB1 (2056659)

DSL-BJ08-G0M2XB1 stranded cable f. SRX GENII
$20.69 excl tax

Sick HN.4800ISR051C-0B0 (6034785)

IT4800i RS232 Kit containing 2D Imager IT4800iSF051CE, RS232 cable plus power supply and user documentation (4800ISR051C-0B00E) *** Only for General Motors ***
$917.83 excl tax $871.94 excl tax

Sick ICL100-B321 (1024224)

ICL100-B321 LED-Backlight, illuminated fieled 100mm x 100mm, red, for continuous or pulsed operation.
Call for Pricing

Sick Main Port Verbindungskabel 1 2 m Basisstation (6021358)

Main port junction cord 1,2 m to base station ST 2070, RS 232 true, 9 pin "D" female, additional power supply unit necessary (42205127-04 EP)
Call for Pricing

Sick NAV350-3232 (1052928)

$8,392.54 excl tax $8,082.02 excl tax

Sick Netzleitung 1 8m mit europschem Schuko-Stecker (6034929)

Power cord, 1,8 m, with european shockproof plug and C-13 socket
$16.46 excl tax $15.64 excl tax

Sick DR35-B15822 (1057660)

Sick DR35-B15822
$474.07 excl tax $456.53 excl tax

Sick DL60-P112BS01 (1028725)

Distance Sensor DL60-P112BS01 External Teach via MF: only Q/
$848.83 excl tax $817.42 excl tax

Sick DL 2449-660-12/24 (7100636)

DL 2449-660-12/24 On Axis Light (DOAL's)
$753.33 excl tax $725.83 excl tax