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Control Modules

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Sick UE410-MDI3C2 (6036291)

SAFETY-UNIT (Screw Terms - Code 2)
$171.76 excl tax $163.17 excl tax

Sick UE410-MDI4C4 (6036296)

SAFETY-UNIT (Spring Terms - Code 4)
Call for Pricing

Sick UE410-MM4 (6034645)

UE410-MM4 SAFETY RELAIS Main Muting, Dual Level Spring Clamp Terminals
$294.38 excl tax $279.66 excl tax

Sick UE43-3MF2A1 (6024899)

Safety Relay Module UE43-3MF2A1
$234.08 excl tax $222.37 excl tax

Sick UE43-3MF2A3 (6024901)

Safety Relay Module UE43-3MF2A3
$234.08 excl tax $222.37 excl tax

Sick UE43-4AR2D2 (6034772)

Sick UE43-4AR2D2 (6034772)
$178.52 excl tax $169.59 excl tax

Sick FX0-GCAN00000 (1044076)

$410.23 excl tax $389.72 excl tax

Datasensor BWS-T4-MT (970500020)

Control Unit with Muting
Call for Pricing

Datasensor TGR-T4 (ZZ00063)

4 Channel Control Unit with Double Muting
Call for Pricing

Sick UE11-4DX3D31 (6024926)

Safety Relay Module UE11-4DX3D31
$154.37 excl tax $146.65 excl tax