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Control Modules

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Sick FX3-XTDI80002 (1044124)

FX3-XTDI80002 Flexi Soft Extension Module 8 Safety Inputs
$239.98 excl tax $227.98 excl tax

Datasensor BWS-T4-N-MT (970500040)

4 Control Unit with Double Muting
Call for Pricing

Datasensor SG-BWS-T4 (957051000)

Control Unit 1-4 Sensor Pairs (EDM and OSSD1/2 Outputs)
$433.61 excl tax $368.56 excl tax

Sick UE10-2OS1D0 (6020342)

Sick UE10-2OS1D0 (6020342)
Call for Pricing

Sick UE11-4DX2D305 (6024921)

Safety Relay Module UE11-4DX2D30.5
$161.39 excl tax $153.32 excl tax

Sick UE11-4DX3D32 (6024927)

Sick UE11-4DX3D32 (6024927)
Call for Pricing

Sick UE1940-22I0000 (1040397)

UE1940 - EFI Gateway CANopen with 2 EFI-Connectors for SICK Safety Solutions (C4000 Std./Adv.; M4000 Adv./ Curtain; S3000; S300; UE440/UE470)
$459.44 excl tax $436.47 excl tax

Sick UE23-3MF3D2 (6034598)

UE23-3MF3D2 Safety Relay
$137.90 excl tax $132.87 excl tax

Sick UE410-4RO4 (6032676)

UE410-4RO4 Relay Output Expansion Module: 4 NO Contacts und 2 24VDC Signal Output, Dual Level Spring Clamp Terminals
$323.76 excl tax $306.36 excl tax

Sick UE410-8DI3C5 (6036284)

SAFETY-UNIT (Screw Terms - Code 5)
Call for Pricing