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Cloud scalability, on premise technology & operational efficiencies

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

For manufacturing businesses operating in compliant industries, or those with geographically dispersed sites producing a wide range of goods to strict contractual requirements, finding the best way to integrate cloud technologies with on premise technology can be daunting.

McKinsey Digital has considered three common hurdles that industrial businesses face - unique sites, site infrastructure controls, and reliable connectivity - and put together a ‘get started’ plan to prepare for leveraging cloud scalability and integrating with existing technology to increase operational efficiencies.

For readers in label printing environments, where security, accuracy and analytics are critical, McKinsey Digital’s hybrid cloud architecture serves as a checklist of components to help you invest in cloud services that deliver the most impact.

5 minute read: “It’s time for cloud tech to meet operational tech at industrial sites”.

Authors: Rachel Anderson, Curt Jacobsen, and Vikas Venugopal.

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