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Cameras are an essential part of the machine vision kit, enabling pictures to be taken for identification purposes.

Our large range of cameras includes 3D cameras, microscope cameras, smart cameras, and industrial machine vision cameras.

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Sick Ranger CameraLink cable 10m (1014311)

CameraLink Cable, 10m for Ranger C
$341.20 excl tax $328.57 excl tax

Sick Ranger CamerLink cable, 3m (1014310)

CameraLink Cable, 3m for Ranger C
$194.99 excl tax $187.77 excl tax

Sick Ranger E & D accessory kit (2040857)

Ranger E/D accessory kit with 24V power supply, 5m Ethernet cable, 2m Power-IO and Encoder Y cable, Ranger E/D Connection Terminal, Lens (25mm, F1.4, 1" optics), Camera mounting parts, and printed Operating Instructions
$814.43 excl tax $773.71 excl tax

Sick Ranger E/D PIO/Encoder Y-cable (6033172)

Ranger E/D PIO-Encoder Y cable, 2m M12 female and M12 male to DSUB for connecting Ranger camera to connection terminal
$84.89 excl tax $80.65 excl tax

Sick Ranger E/D Power & I/O terminal (6033171)

Ranger E/D Connection Terminal with screw connectors for easy I/O and encoder connection, DSUB for camera connection, and plug for 24V power supply
$140.30 excl tax $133.28 excl tax

Sick Ruler E accessory kit with (1014241)

Ruler E accessories kit with Power supply, 10 m Ethernet cable, T-coupler and three M12 Cables (2 m) for power-I/O and encoder
$428.02 excl tax $406.62 excl tax