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Cameras are an essential part of the machine vision kit, enabling pictures to be taken for identification purposes.

Our large range of cameras includes 3D cameras, microscope cameras, smart cameras, and industrial machine vision cameras.

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Microscan Vision MINI (GMV-6300-2214G)

VisionMini smart camera, SXGA Mono, High density , Verification+AV, RS232/USB
$2,407.88 excl tax

Sick RANGER-E55434 (1050268)

ColorRanger E55 3D Camera 3D and RGB-Color with MultiScan at up to 11 kHz (3D+Color data) Gigabit Ethernet interface 1,536 pixels 3D resolution 3x3072 pixels RGB-Color resolution
$14,568.16 excl tax $13,839.75 excl tax

Sick Ranger E/D Power & I/O terminal (6033171)

Ranger E/D Connection Terminal with screw connectors for easy I/O and encoder connection, DSUB for camera connection, and plug for 24V power supply
$140.30 excl tax $133.28 excl tax

Sick RANGER-E40414 (1040378)

$8,763.73 excl tax $8,325.54 excl tax

Sick IVC-3D21111 (1027538)

Industrial Vision Camera IVC-3D21111 3D Smart Camera with IVC Studio configuration software. Typical FOV: height 50 mm, width 150 mm M12 connectors, interfaces: Ethernet, RS 485, 3 digital in-, 3 digital outputs.
$13,059.38 excl tax $12,406.41 excl tax

Microscan Visionscape Gig E Camera (98-000118-01)

Visionscape GigE Camera - 1.3MP SXGA Mono CCD (CMG13 - 1392 x 1040 pixels)
$2,266.35 excl tax

PixeLink PL-B873CU-KIT 1.9 MP USB2 Microscope Camera (PL-B873CU-KIT)

Interface: USB, C/M: Color CCD, Depth: 8, 10 & 12, Mount: C, Resolution: 1600 x 1200, Size: 1/2 Inch
$2,530.95 excl tax

Microscan GMV-6300-2112G (GMV-6300-2112G)

Vision MINI Smart Camera, USB, STD, SXGA, Built in Light, AutoVISION + Visionscape
$2,510.09 excl tax

Microscan GMV-6300-2172G (GMV-6300-2172G)

Vision MINI Smart Camera, USB, STD, Color QXGA, Built in Light, with Visionscape
Call for Pricing

Microscan GMV-6300-2210G (GMV-6300-2210G)

Vision MINI Smart Camera, USB, HD, SXGA, Built in Light, AutoVISION
$2,004.93 excl tax